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Delicious raw, healthy and natural crackers, crisps and sweets

Eating is something very special. It involves our whole personality, all our senses and our attention. In this way it can create a moment of bliss, it can be a real mood changer, and a creator of health if we just let it happen.

Crackers made from carots, root beets, lin seeds and spices

When your diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When your diet is correct, medicine is of no need.

Are you a cracker person? I am! I LOVE crunchy things and like to eat crackers every day but I’m super picky because most crackers on the market are filled with junky ingredients - including some of the “healthy” ones. Plus I prefer eating grain free crackers and they’re even harder to find.

That’s why I offer here some of my favorite crackers.


  • Carot crackers
  • Root Beet crackers
  • Kale crisps


  • Cocos chips

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Lifestyle Coaching to heal yourself

Detox Yourself

Intense Detoxification for increased health

Disease and poor health are more often made then born! Wrong diet, wrong thinking, stress etc. But we are responsible for our health, no one else. Take your health in your hand. Change your way of thinking and what you put into your body.

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Clean & Fit

Promote your health, clean your body, mind and emotions

Cleaning our body brings us back to our natural healthy state of being. It connects us with ourselves and with others. How clean our body is, effects our emotional state, clarity of mind, hormonal balance, concentration and energy.

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Iridology Analysis

Health assessment through the analysis of the eye

Iridology is the inspection of the iris of the eye as an aid in determining a persons state of health. It isn't used to diagnose specific diseases or conditions. Rather, it's used to indicate potential problems in all areas of the body. Therefore Iridology is used to improve a persons' overall health and well-being.

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Rawfood Workshop

Create your own whole, raw food dishes

This workshop is non nonsense, no bullshit class on how to create easy and fast raw food dishes with ease. The recipes are live proven. They consist of local infredients or are adapted to what nature offers in your area. All of the recipes can be integrated easily into a busy daily schedule.

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Raw Delicacies

Dive into the richness of your senses with delicious raw foods

The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. With that in mind I love to share the most powerful raw, vegan and tasty products for a healthy and natural diet that I have found.

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Health requires healthy food