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Heal Yourself

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

About me

I am Beatrice. I would like to help you to heal yourself. My journey started at the age of 12 years, when I left animal products behind and started to learn about nutrition till the present moment. I Learned from inspiring, healthy people like Lou Corona, Dr. Morse and many others.There is a life force, a healing power that pervades nature, a force given to each and every one of us from birth by nature to keep us healthy and to heal us. Healing takes place from within out. Healing is detoxification and cellular regeneration, using herbs and raw living food. Detoxification is the only way to establish the homeostasis within the body. Nature cures when allowed to do so by removing the causes of enervation. Detox lets us get in touch with that true, original source of love within us. When you put living food into your system you will attract, create living life. 'You are what you eat'! The more you love yourself, the more raw, living food you eat, the better you will feel. You will change people around you. You attract what you are. The other side of healing arise from the body-mind-spirit connection. While you detox it, will effect your emotional state as much as your thoughts. We heal ourselves by letting go all the things which are holding us back from our own natural, vibrant, healthy being. We are electrical, infinite beings with spirit. Every experience is a lesson and an opportunity for us to grow and learn. Are you ready for a change? It will take you to the place of radiant, healthy, and joyful life mentally, emotionally and physically! All love emanates from self-love. Maintain an attitude of gratitude. Stay present to the beauty and love of living.

Health is your choice

Guidelines on a wonderful path


Detoxification is a system, not a treatment. It is the simple answer to curing disease and unhappiness. It cleans you out, and uplifts and reconnects you to God and nature. It rids your body of acidosis, toxins, chemicals, sulfur, mucus and harmful parasites. It rids the mind of unwanted thoughts and cleans the angers and emotions from your being. Detoxification is true healing, eliminating all the toxins from the body which is holding us back to live a joyful, healthy life. After all, this elimination is the complete regeneration of the cells and tissues. It is impossible for most things to work properly without a well functioning digestive system. Digestive troubles are associated with emotional problems, fear, stresses, mental problems etc. The body is capable of building tissues back up.

One of the laws of physics in this universe is the law of balance — homeostasis. The lower the energy of the food you eat, the lower your systemic energy becomes. This creates hypoactive or underactive tissues. The more energetic the foods are that you eat, the more vibrant and healthy you become. As we increase the energy of the physical body, we lift ourselves up out of despair and disease. This opens the senses to a whole new world of understanding and health. The vitality you can achieve is indescribable; it can only be experienced. Keep your life simple. If you relax and truly investigate and experiment on yourself, you will discover the truth. Detoxification is the golden key. Use it to open the door to the kingdom of true vitality and God, and to experience a disease-free life. Elimination is more important then any nutrition you will put in your body. The detox system is not a system of symptom treating. That is medical thinking. Pills, drugs cannot heal your body, they shove the problem back deep into your tissues and cells through the suppression of symptoms. The body then breaks down even more with time and creates even more serious life-threatening issues in the future. Medication do not cure. Only detoxification can. Herbs help detoxify our bodies through the removal of acids and mucus as well as strengthening the systems, glands, and organs. Alkalize, detoxify and energize your body. Heal yourself!


Iridology is the art and science of analyzing the color and the structure of the iris, and thus gain valuable health information. The eye is the direct outgrowth of the brain. The goal of iridology is to visualize tissue changes in the iris that are indication of an improved tissue integrity. Through the art of Iridology, we can actually see the health of the cells and tissues in the body presently that make up all of your organs, glands, and systems. It is an amazing science and such a useful tool in conjunction with a detoxification program. Iridology does not focus on symptoms but on systems. It focuses on the whole person, on the cause of the problem, the underlying issues.

This map will show where we came from, where we are at, and where we are heading. It will show why we are feeling what we are feeling, and what the body has been accumulating. It gives a complex picture of your body.


Lifestyle Coaching to heal yourself

Detox Yourself

Intense Detoxification for increased health

Disease and poor health are more often made then born! Wrong diet, wrong thinking, stress etc. But we are responsible for our health, no one else. Take your health in your hand. Change your way of thinking and what you put into your body.

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Clean & Fit

Promote your health, clean your body, mind and emotions

Cleaning our body brings us back to our natural healthy state of being. It connects us with ourselves and with others. How clean our body is, effects our emotional state, clarity of mind, hormonal balance, concentration and energy.

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Iridology Analysis

Health assessment through the analysis of the eye

Iridology is the inspection of the iris of the eye as an aid in determining a persons state of health. It isn't used to diagnose specific diseases or conditions. Rather, it's used to indicate potential problems in all areas of the body. Therefore Iridology is used to improve a persons' overall health and well-being.

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Rawfood Workshop

Create your own whole, raw food dishes

This workshop is non nonsense, no bullshit class on how to create easy and fast raw food dishes with ease. The recipes are live proven. They consist of local infredients or are adapted to what nature offers in your area. All of the recipes can be integrated easily into a busy daily schedule.

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Raw Delicacies

Dive into the richness of your senses with delicious raw foods

The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. With that in mind I love to share the most powerful raw, vegan and tasty products for a healthy and natural diet that I have found.

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